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1940 United States Federal Census McClain County OK

Social Security Death Index
Name: Jack A. Harrison
SSN: 446-05-5923
Last Residence: 73654 Leedey, Dewey, Oklahoma, United States of America
Born: 7 Jun 1914
Died: 20 Jan 1989
State (Year) SSN issued: Oklahoma (Before 1951) 
Harrison, Abraham Jackson (P2324)
5 "History of Turner County" by John Ben Pate 1933:
Zack Bass from Sumter County about 1873. Children: H. C. (Clay), J. Logan, Wesley T., Zack T., Mrs. E. T. (Rebecca) Israel, and Mrs. Talley (Sudie) Horn.
H. C. Bass Children: Homer, Addison, Council, Mrs. Robert(Corra) Brock, and Mrs. Dan Brown.
Wesley Bass married Miss Royal. Several children.
J. Logan Bass married Miss Royal. Several children. After her death, married again. Several children.

Also shown under lawyers in early Turner County was "Z. Bass who was largely self educated".

1880 Census

District 982, Irwin, Georgia - Page 511A
Zackriah BASS Self M Male W 63 NC Farmer NC NC
Bethana BASS Wife M Female W 54 NC Keeping House NC NC
Logan BASS Son S Male W 21 NC Farm Laborer NC NC
Wesley BASS Son S Male W 18 NC Farm Laborer NC NC
Zachriah BASS Son S Male W 16 NC Farm Laborer NC NC  
Bass, Zachariah (P702)
6 "List of names of people who lived in Wilkinson County during 1825. Taken from a day book of charge accounts from the store operated and John Patterson and Samuel J Beall. Period March through September 1825"
McMurrian, William 
McMurrain, William (P2481)
7 "The first of the name Gannaway came from Genoa in The Kingdom of Italy coming from a family of merchants descended from the noble families de Medici and others in that kingdom. As I have heard, the first was a dark man of Spanish and Italian blood, his father a de Genova and mother Andalusian, where the merchants traded. The merchants did business in Spain, England, and Holland and many were likewise commanders of ships. They in their best days were politicians but sunk to merchants to preserve their lives from their enemies in the said kingdom." ~ Marmaduke Gannaway (1650 - ? ), written in 1700. Copy on file in the Virginia State Library  Gannaway, Marmaduke (P12553)
8 ------------------------
Georgia Deaths, 1919-98
Name: Hattie L W Carswell
Death Date: 5 Jul 1964
County of Death: Bibb
Gender: F (Female)
Race: White
Age: 71 years
County of Residence: Bibb
Certificate: 016580  
Watts, Hattie Lovejoy (P14234)
9 1 162 167 Bedingfield E. J. 22 M W farmer 200 300 Georgia
2 162 167 Bedingfield Mary 40 F W keeping house Georgia
3 162 167 Bedingfield Henry 2 M W Georgia
4 162 167 Bedingfield Susan L 4/12 F W Georgia Feb
5 162 167 Coker James 15 M W works on farm Georgia
6 162 167 Boman R. 20 F W at home Georgia 
Bedingfield, Edward J. (P8057)
10 127 Haman Mary A Head F W 70 Wd SC SC SC
Mary E Daughter F W 40 S MS MS SC Teacher
Adaline M Daughter F W 32 S MS MS SC Boarding House Keeper
Bryant Virgil L Boarder M W 25 S MS MS MS Minister 
Blanding, Mary Adelaide (P3501)
11 16 May 1910 - 1910 United States Federal Census > Florida > Washington > South Banifey > District 118 Census living with brother Turner L Davis

1920 Census Bonifay City, Holmes, Florida 
Davis, Sampson Dillard (P413)
12 17 Apr 1910 - South of North Broad
236 Spradley Sindy Head F W 49 M1 GA GA GA
237 Spradley Mc Head M W 21 M1 (1) GA GA GA Cotton Mill
? Wife F W 17 M1 (1) 1 - 1 GA GA GA
Hammons E Father M W 79 M1 wd NC NC NC
Georgia Deaths, 1919-98
Name: Lucinda Spradley
Death Date: 9 Feb 1944
County of Death: Colquit
Gender: F (Female)
Race: White
Age: 83 years
Certificate: 4919  
Hammond, Experience Lucinda (P815)
13 1800 BREWER WILLIAM Oglethorpe County GA 000 No Township
1820 BREWER WILLIAM Oglethorpe County GA 177 No Township Listed
1830 BREWER WILLIAM Oglethorpe County GA 094 No Township

1840 BREWER WILLIAM Walton County GA 111 Broken Arrow
1840 BREWER WILLIAM Clarke County GA 208 Davis 218th Dist
1840 BREWER WILLIAM P. Oglethorpe County GA 091 227th District - NO

1850 BREWER WILLIAM Clarke County GA 038 Georgia Factory District
18 Sept 1850
63 Brewer William 72 m NC
Elizabeth 28 f GA
Eliza A 8 f GA

1860 BREWER WILLIAM P. Clarke County GA 987 Puryears District
1860 BREWER WILLIAM Clarke County GA 1002 Buck Branch District 
Brewer, William (P3907)
14 1800 HAMMONS JOHN Robeson County NC 384 00000-00000-40
1820 HAMMONS JOHN Robeson County NC 324 No Township
John Hammons of Robeson County, NC, Will 1783-1918 pages 146/147
the North Carolina Wills S. page 267
1798 SPIVEY, EDMUND, Elizabeth; Hammons, John, Sr., Jacob, Samuel, Enoch, John, Harvey.
Free African Americans Named in the Robeson County Court Minutes 1797-1843
1797-1806, Volume 1 (begins July 4, 1797 but first few pages are missing)
3 October, p.13
Ordered the sheriff summon Jury to lay off a road from the Marsh of the raft Swamp near General Willis Mills into the Fayetteville Road near John Blount's. Elijah Hammon, John Hammon, Harvey Hammon work on the said road.

1 January 1798, p.21
James Whitley bound to John Hammon until he arrive to the age of 21 years now being 17.

3 July, p.45
Mary Hammon bound apprentice to Thomas Jackson until 18 now ten.

6 October, p.121
Deed Charles Ivey to James Kersey proved by Willis Hammons

Deed Richmond Terrell to Archabald McEacharn proved by Willis Hammons
Deed Jacob Hammons to Saml Hammons by Elijah Hammons

The nuncupative will of Elias Stradford was proved by the oath of Ann Hammon and Dicey Hammon & admitted to record at the same time John Hammon returned an Inventory of the deceased estate.

Administration on estate of Elias Stradford granted John Hammon

6 January, p. 134
Deed John Hammons to Samuel Hammons

6 April 1801, p.142
Deed Matthew Wilkins to Elijah Hammons
Deed James Kersey to Burel Reville proved by Willis Hammons

7 April, p.144
Wm Ellis attorney for John Harrison to Wm Hathorn for a Negroe Girl named Jude by oath of Willis Hammon

5 October p.166
Deed Edwards to Rowland Edwards by Willis Hammon
James Biggs bound to Samuel Hammons now 9
Horasha Revell bound to Elijah Revell until he arrive at 21 now 12 years and 7 months
p. 173
Following hands work on Drowning Creek from Gibion Cumboes landing to Bests Bluff to wit Elias Barnes's hands William Odom's hands Horatio Hammon Elijah Cumbow Sion? Best

4 January 1802, p.178
Frederick Evers bound apprentice to John Hammon now 5 years old
Deed Thomas Barnes to John Hammons

Deed Jacob Rhodes & Owen Clinton to Willis Hammon

Alexander Hammon bound to John Hammon now 10 years old.

6 July, p.206
Horatio Hammon to appear next court and issue cause if any he has ... detains a bastard child John Braveboy.

Phereby Hammon bound apprentice to Reubin Rozar now 12 years old

4 October, p216
Phereby Hammon daughter of Jacob Hammon a man of color who is absent being last term illegally bound to Reubin Regan it is therefore ordered that the girl be returned to her mother.

John Braveboy a boy of colour bound apprentice to Horatio Hammon now 5 years old

Shepard Hammon a boy of Colour bound apprentice to John Hammon now 8 years old, Horatio Hammon security

3 Jan 1803 p.225

Whereas ... Horatio Revel a few years ago was bound to Elijah Revel and that said boy is illy treated by his master ordered that Constable bring the said boy to next court

Mary Hammon a girl of Colour bound to George Moore until she arrive to the age of 18 now 12

5 July 1803, p. 252
Deed Saml Hammon to Nathaniel Revel

3 July 1804, p.295
Deed Alexander Hammons a lad of Couler bound an Apprentice to Neil McEachen now 11 years old.

2 Oct 1804, p .304
Deed John Hammon Senr to Lewis Hammon

2 April, 1807
Elkanah Hammons an orphan of the age of 8 bound apprentice to Nathaniel Revels
Elkanah Hammons an orphan of the age of 8 bound apprentice to Nathaniel Revels
Deed John Hammon Senr to Lewis Hammon

6 January 1807, p.14
Road leading from the Lumberton Road near John Hammons to the Raft Swamp Road: Harvey Hammons, John Hammons Nathaniel Revels, James McNeils etc.

7 April, p.30
Deed John Hammons to Samuel Hammons

1st Monday July, p.39
Elkanah Hammons who was formerly bound to Elijah Revell was by the said Revells Given up to the Court on which he was returned to Jacob Mercer until he be 21 now ten.

4 Jan 1808
Deed John Hammon to John Humphrey

Deed Rasha Hammons to Thomas Butcher proved by Willis Hammons

4 October 1808, p.110
Ordered that Samuel Hammons be released from the Obligation that he gave to the Court for bringing up an Orphan Boy by the name of James Biggs and that the said boy be also released from his indenture.

Deed Moses Grantham to Rebeckah Hammons

3 January 1809, p.124
Jacob Hammons a boy of Colour was Bound apprentice to Bengeman Blount.

4 April 1809, p.143
Elkanah Hammons a Boy of Colour was Bound an Apprentice to Bangeman Blount

2 Jan 1810, p.182
Deed Joshua Hawthorn to Joseph Newbery proved by Willis Hammon
John Rea to Joseph Newbery proved by Willis Hammon
Lemuel ? to Joseph Newbery proved by Willis Hammon
Lemuel Israel? to ditto proved by Willis Hammon

4 January, p.188
John Harvey Hammons, Nathaniel Revell be added hands

28 August, p.217
Ordered James Lowry the father of a Reputed Bastard child of a certain free woman named Sarah Hammons for the support of the said child the sum of 4 pds annually

25 Feb 1811, p.236
Deed Nathaniel Hawthorn to Willis Hammons

26 August 1811, p. 243
Deed Jacob Merser? to Burrel Revels proved by Willis Hammons

28 August, p.284
Deed John Hammons Senr to Martin Martin?

Last will of John Hammons proved by oath of Kenneth Black

26 November 1811, p.295
Deed John Hammons to Elijah Hammons

23 November 1812, p.347
Elkanah and Jacob Hammons two minor orphans which were formerly bound by this court to Benjamin Blount be released from their apprenticeship and Restored to their friends it having been made appear to the Satisfaction of this Court that the said Benjamin Blount has not treated them Properly according to the terms of their Indentures. Appeal granted to said Blount to the Superior Court.

November 1830
p. 62
Kader Wiloby and Elijah Hammons imprisoned at last term of the Supr. Court for the non payment of a fine and cost. It appearing that they instead were permitted to take the benefit of the act in that case and were discharged

4th Monday in August 1831
Deed Harvey Hammons to Jacob Blount

February 1827, p.143
Deed John Hammons to lewis Hammons registered on the testimony of Elijah Hammons the subscribing witness thereto who made his mark.

Friday 30 November 1832
will of Deborah Hammons no executor named 200 dollars bond
150 acres listed by James Hammonds for the estate of W. Hammons

Feb 1833
Deed Edward Bryan to Williamson Hamon
Deed William Haman to Mary Harrel

May 1833
Insolvents in Regan's District: Isaac Revels, John and Jordan Revels, Stokes Roberts, Jarvis Hammonds

4th Monday November 1834
Deed James Hammonds to James ??
Deed James Hammonds to Owen Revells

Wednesday August 1835
Coloured boy named Edward Hammons was bound to Jessie Wm Powers

August 1836
Olin Hammons bastardy Ishmael and Dred Roberts

Wednesday March 1837
Deed heirs of James Lamb to Samuel Israel was proved by oath of _avis? James Hammond who proved the hand writing of Willis Hammons decd.

May 1838
Shadrack Howell to Ollin Hammond

Sat December 1838,
lands sold on 4th monday in Feb 1837 by sheriff
100 by Eleanor Hammonds
Other Free" Heads of Households in the 1790 North Carolina Census, by Family Name
Hammonds, Isaac 5 Fayetteville, Cumberland Co
Hammonds, Jacob 4 Robeson County
Hammonds, John 9 Robeson County
Hammonds, Miles 1 Sampson County
Hammons Jordan 4 Edgecombe County
Hammons, Anthoney 4 Halifax County
Hammons, Shadrack 8 Edgecombe County
Free African American Taxables in Colonial Bertie County, North Carolina
File CCR 190: Bertie taxes of 1751, 1753 and 1754 are filed at CCR 190, among the Colonial Court records. These are summary lists, filed with the central government
1751 tax; This list provides some notations as to mixed-race people, but it is clear that many more are not so labeled. Only the total number of polls are given, with no racial breakdown. The following names represent most of the free mixed-race families:
Haman, Elizth. fr. mulato 1

1759 list of John Brickell
James McDaniel, his son James & Catherine Hammon 3

1763 list of Jno. Nicholls.
James Mcdanel Senr. Catharine hamon
John Hammon

1767, list of Wm. Nicholls
Christopher Clark Sarah HamonTaffe Treasor

1768, list of Edward Rasor
Thomas Mason Bett Hammon

1769, list of Edward Rasor
Kate Hammon

1770, list of Edward Rasor
James McDanold, Kate Hamond, Sarah his wife 3 
Hammons, John (P565)
15 1800 HAMMONS JOHN Robeson County NC 384 10200-00100-00 Hammonds, John (P594)
16 1805 Land Lottery -- John McMurren drew land in Warren Co
John McMurrain lived 8 miles from Macon on Tobesofka Creek on Old Federal Road.
EARLY DEEDS - From Randolph County, Georgia Deed Books A, B, C. Unless
otherwise specified, each lot consisted of 202 1/2 acres in what had formerly
been Lee County, Georgia.)
JOHN McMURRAIN of Bibb Co. to JAMES HALL of Randolph Co. Lot #15, 19th Dist.
Wit.: Wm. Bernard, Saml. W. Langston, J.P. Feb. 16, 1837/Mar. 29, 1838.
Jan 18, 1839. John McMurrain's gin destroyed by fire.
The Macon Telegraph reported that John McMurrain shot John Wright July 15, 1842 near Lagrange, GA.
They Were Here vol4 Privately Published. Georgia. 1968.
Call Number: F285.T44x vol.4
This book contains a quarterly Georgia genealogical magazine.
McMURRIAN, JOHN /s/ 9-23-1846 p 11-7-1851
Wife: Lydia Codicil written 10-11-1848
Sons: John W., Mathew H, Miro (?), B L and Thomas J
Daughters: Mary Ann Wood, Martha H Clem, Elizabeth T McMurrian,
Lydia Ann and Masilda J.
Ex: Wife and son John W
Codicil recites conditions for purchasing slaves for estate.
Wit: P F Lamar, Laban C Pool, William Walling
1850 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Muscogee > District 8
24 August 1850
109 McMurrain John 69 M Farmer Green County, GA
Lydia 55 F NC
Matthew 27 M Bibb Co GA
Elizabeth 19 F Bibb Co GA
Mirabran B L 18 M Bibb Co GA
Lydia 15 F Bibb Co GA
Narcissa J 13 F Twin Muscogee Co GA
Thomas J 13 M Twin Muscogee Co GA
Sumter Co., GA. Index to Wills (1831-1900)
Page 1002
MCMURRIAN, JOHN Sons: John W.; Mathew H.; Mire B.L.; Thomas J. McMurrian;
daughters: Mary Ann Wood: Martha H. Clem; Elizabeth T., Lydia Ann & Marilda J.
McMurrian. Wife: Lydia. Probated: 10/2/1851. 
McMurrain, John M. (P863)
17 1807 NICKSON JOSEPH Franklin County GA 010 Tax List 1807
1819 NIXON, JOSEPH Franklin County GA 047 Tax List 1819

State: GA Year: 1820 County: Clarke
Township: Athens Page: 155

State: GA Year: 1820 County: Walton
Township: No Township Listed Page: 498
3 males 0-10
1 male 10-16
1 male 26-45
1 female 26-45
2 free white males engaged in agriculture
1 male slave 26-45
1 female slave 14-26

Nixon, Joseph
State: Georgia Year: 1824 County: Walton

State: GA Year: 1830 County: Walton
Township: No Township Listed Page: 162
line #15
1 male 0-5
1 male 5-10
2 males 10-15
2 males 15-20
1 male 40-50
2 females 0-5
1 female 10-15
1 female 40-50  
Nickson, Joseph (P3938)
18 1820 CLEATON MIDDLETON Gwinnett County GA 264 No Township ?? Austin, Elizabeth (P351)
19 1820 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Walton > Not Stated > 2

1830 United States Federal Census Record for Frederick Thompson > Georgia > Walton > Not Stated > 5
Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery, 1832
about 249th
Name: Frederic Thompson
Number: 122
Residence: 249th
County: Walton
Comment: revolutionary soldier.; granted previous to the first day of January, 1838  
Thompson, Frederick (P612)
20 1830 ADAMS REUBEN JR. Walton County GA 145 No Township Listed
1830 ADAMS REUBEN SR. Walton County GA 145 No Township Listed
Adams, Reuben Jr.
State: Georgia Year: 1840 County: Walton Roll: M704_52
Township: Mountain District Page: 128 Image: 255
Males 5 - 10 ...........3
Males 10 - 15...........1
Males 30 - 40...........1
Females 10 - 15.......1
Females 40 - 50.......1
1850 ADAMS REUBEN Walton County GA 058 88 Division
21 Oct 1850
824 Adams Reuben 49 M Farmer $1700 GA
Nancy 45 F GA
Reuben 18 M GA
Matthew D. 16 M GA
George A. 14 M GA
1860 ADAMS REUBEN Walton County GA 1016 Monroe P.O.
21 July 1860
795 Adams Reuben 59 M Farmer $1140 $1910 GA
Nancy 63 F VA
Anna M 11 F GA
Minerva 9 F GA
1870 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Walton > Mountain
7 June 1870
28 Adams Reuben 64 M W Farmer $800 $175 GA
Rhoda 33 F W Keeping house GA
Slave schedule GA 1860 Slave Schedule GA120268
1860 ADAMS REUBEN Walton County GA 329 Northern Div.
Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery, 1832
Number 30
Name Reuben Adams, Jr.
Residence 454th
County Walton
Comment granted previous to the first day of January, 1838 
Adams, Reuben (P326)
21 1830 CAMP EDMUND K. Walton County GA 134 No Township Camp, Edmund Kennedy (P5463)
22 1830 CLACK GEORGE W. Walton County GA 154 No Township Listed

1860 Walton County, GA Census
905 George Clack 28 M Farmer 250 234 GA
Rhoda ? 26 F GA
Mary 1 F GA 
Clack, George Washington (P1940)
23 1830 HILL CARTER Walton County GA 168 No Township
1840 HILL CARTER Walton County GA 104 Cutoff District
1850 HILL CARTER Walton County GA 053 88 Division
1860 HILL CARTER Walton County GA 1041 Cutoff 
Hill, Carter (P8704)
24 1830 United States Federal Census > North Carolina > Robeson
1840 United States Federal Census > North Carolina > Robeson
1850 United States Federal Census > North Carolina > Robeson > Southern Division
2 August 1850
133 Chanell Drury 48 M Farmer $50 Robeson County, NC
Nepsey 50 F Robeson County, NC
Lamb Rebecca 27 F Robeson County, NC
Israel Lemue 94 M Sampson County, NC
1860 United States Federal Census > North Carolina > Robeson > Not Stated
25 July 1860
562 Channel Drury 57 M Farmer NC
Nipsey 59 F NC
Milikin Allan 25 M Day labor NC
Orra 22 F NC
John 3 M NC
William 2 M NC
Andrew 2/10 M NC
State: NC Year: 1870 County: Robeson
Township: Back Swamp Township Page: 024  
Channele, Drury (P12634)
25 1838, helped remove Indians from Gilmer County, GA

1868 - 1870, served as Representative in the GA State Legislature

Referred to as Too Dottie Too by the Cherokees in re: red hair and literacy

29 Sept 1852, Listed as Mountaintown School District Patron[Ellis0630.ged]

James Madison Ellis was the son of James E. and Nancy Ellis, who was born October 28, 1816 in Jackson County, Georgia. James Madison Ellis came with his father, James, to Murray County, Georgia into the area of the Vann House in 1832. In November 1837, he enlisted as a soldier in Winfield Scott's army for the removal of the Cherokees from Georgia. He was sent to Fort Hetzel (in what is now East Ellijay of today) in Col. Lindsey's Regiment of Georgia Volunteers, where his brother, Elijah was a soldier. There were 1,100 Indians from Gilmer County sent on the "Trail of Tears" to Oklahoma. He was mustered out at the Vann House in July, 1838.
There the same year, James Madison married Rachel B. Harrison, who was born 1817 in Buncombe County, North Carolina, the daughter of Sarah Oglesby Harrison and Rev. Nathan Harrison. Rev. Harrison was the first Methodist Missionary that was sent to North Georgia to preach to the Indians. When Rev. Harrison died in Murray County, Georgia in July 1852, his death notice appeared in the Southern Christian Advocate and it stated "he was cousin of General Harrison, late President of the United States."
The first child of James Madison and Rachel Ellis was Thaddeus Stephen Ellis who was born in 1840 in Murray County and appears on the Murray County Census of 1840. By 1842, James and Rachel Ellis moved to Gilmer County, where their other children were all born.
During the Civil War James and Rachel lived near the old Macedonia Church he helped to establish. On January 2, 1864, along with his son, Thaddeus, and his son-in-law, Henry Cochran, they joined Company D of the 10th Regiment of the Tennessee Volunteers with the Union Forces. In the Gilmer County Courthouse there is a record which reads:
To All Whom It May Concern
Know you that I, James M. Ellis, Corp of Lieut. L.D. McJunkins, Company D, 10
Regiment of Tenn. Calv. Vol. who was enrolled 1864 to serve 3 years in during
the war is here by discharged from the service of the United States this the 5th
day of June 1865 at Louisville, Ky. By reason Go. No. 27 1865 Department of
Ky. Know objective of his being re enlisted is known to exist. The said James
M. Ellis was born in Jackson CO,. in the state of Ga. is 41 years of age height
6 feet high pair of capt blue eyes red hair and by occupation when enlisted a
farmer then at Louisville, Ky the 2nd June 1865.
J. H. Smith, Dept. VR 6
Recorded by T. T. Stallings, Ordinary, this Feb. 1st 1866
After the Civil War was over, James M. Ellis, being a minister, was very active in organizing Primitive Baptist Churches in North Georgia. Among them were, Macedonia, Pisgah, Dial and Berean. In 1868 James Ellis was elected to Georgia House of Representatives and served until 1870. On 26 August 1876 Rachel died and she is buried at Old Berean Baptist Church in Gilmer County. Eleven years later on January 24, 1887, James Madison Ellis married Nancy A. Thurman.
James Madison Ellis lived a full life, serving in Indian War, Civil War, preacher and serving his county in Georgia House of Representatives, on June 26, 1909 at the ripe old age of 93 he passed on into the hands of God. He is buried by Rachel at Old Berean Church Cemetery. James's second wife Nancy died April 6, 1918 and she is buried by James also. 
Ellis, James Madison (P7677)
26 1840 ADAIR EDWARD Carroll County GA 105 849th District
1850 ADAIR EDWARD Murray County GA 257 63rd Subdivision
1860 ADAIR EDWARD Murray County GA 105 Fancy Hill
1860 ADAIR EDWARD Murray County GA 436 1013 Dist. G.M. Slave schedule
1880 Cherokee Roll, Going Snake District, page 3, Nos. 92-99 
Adair, Edward Alexander (P4493)
27 1840 DENHAM DANIEL Upson County GA 047 537th District
1860 DENHAM DANIEL Upson County GA 566 Thomaston
1860 DENHAM DANIEL Upson County GA 278 537 Dist. G.M. Slave schedule 
Denham, Daniel (P1618)
28 1840 Jefferson

1850 Jefferson
Willis T Davis 38
Elizabeth Davis 26 GA
Melissa A Davis 6
James J L Davis 4
Sarah A Davis 3
Frances T Davis 1
Thomas Letchworth 27

1860 United States Federal Census Madison
W T Davies 49
Emma C Davies 26
James Lee Davies 14
Sarah Davies 12
Frances T Davies 10
Salena F Davies 6
Madora A Davies 2

1870 Madison
Turner Davis 55
Charlotte Davis 45
Eliza Davis 16
Tobitha Davis 12

1880 Madison
Willis T. Davis 68
Emma C. Davis 47
Salena F. Davis 24 
Davis, Francis Turner (P15378)
29 1840 LOGAN DRURY Union County GA 014 No Township Listed
1850 LOGAN DRURY Union County GA 202 85 District 
Logan, Drury (P5919)
30 1840 MEELER ISOM B. Murray County GA 267 824th District
1850 MEALER ISHAM B. Murray County GA 264 63rd Subdivision
1615 Isham B. Mealer 37 M Blacksmith GA
Nancy E 24 F NC
George W. 5 M GA
John B 4 M GA
Williamson 3 M MS 
Meeler, Isham R. (P5318)
31 1840 Walton County, GA Census
Abr. P. Harrison (968)
free white males free white females
under 5 years...........1 under 5 years...........2
5 - 10 years..............2 20 - 30 years.............1
20 - 30 years.............1
TOTAL...........7 Slaves...............0
1850 Walton County, GA Census
Page Name Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
895 Harrison Abram P. 34 M Farmer NC
Sarah 33 F GA
Elizabeth 16 F GA
Tabitha 12 F GA
James 11 M GA
Thomas 9 M GA
John 7 M GA
Sarah 4 F GA
Wm 2 M GA
State: GA Year: 1860 County: Walton
Township: Cutoff P.O. Page: 1030 Northern Division
26 July 1860
884 Harrison A. P. 44 M Farmer $2000 NC
Sarah 43 F GA
Elizabeth 23 F GA
James 20 M Farm Laborer GA
John 16 M Farm Laborer GA
Sarah 13 F GA
William 12 M GA
Malinda 9 F GA
Lucy 5 F GA
Jackson 4 M GA 
Harrison, Abraham Pickens (P178)
32 1840DIXONTURNER B.Sumpter CountyGA179882nd DistrictFederal Population ScheduleGA 1840 Federal Census IndexGAS4a741362 Dixon, Turner Barnes (P1828)
33 1850 BAILEY LITTA Murray County GA 257 63rd Subdivision Bailey, Telitha Litta (P4451)
34 1850 BROWN THOMAS L. Murray County GA 187 63rd Subdivision
1860 BROWN THOMAS L. Jefferson County GA 373 Louisville 
Brown, Thomas Lemuel (P8778)
35 1850 Census - living with Father Gideon Tanner, Butts County, GA
1860 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Butts > Indian Spring
7 June 1860
One house Unoccupied
William H 48 M Farmer GA
Hezekiah L 39 M Trader GA
Gedeon R 37 M Trader GA 
Tanner, Hezekiah L (P2521)
36 1850 Census - living with Father Gideon Tanner, Butts County, GA
1860 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Butts > Indian Spring
7 June 1860
113 Tanner Archibald W 44 M Farmer GA
Sarah V 26 F House Wife GA
Gideon W 3 M GA
Hezekiah L 8/12 M GA
One house Unoccupied
William H 48 M Farmer GA
Hezekiah L 39 M Trader GA
Gedeon R 37 M Trader GA
1870 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Butts > Subdivision 13
11 June 1870
124 Tanner Arch 55 M W Farmer GA
Sarah 36 F W Keeping house GA
Gideon 13 M W Attending school GA
Hezekiah 11 M W Attending school GA
William 58 M W Farmer GA
Gideon 49 M W Farmer GA 
Tanner, Archibald W (P2520)
37 1850 Census - living with Father Gideon Tanner, Butts County, GA
1860 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Butts > Indian Spring
7 June 1860
One house Unoccupied
William H 48 M Farmer GA
Hezekiah L 39 M Trader GA
Gedeon R 37 M Trader GA
1870 - Living with brother Archabald's family, Butts County, GA
Living with sister Elizabeth's family in Rome, Tallapoosa County, AL
1880 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Tallapoosa > Walnut Hill > District 147
17 June 1880 - Page 438C
288 Grimmett Jack Head W M 66 M Farmer GA GA GA
Elizabeth Wife W F 63 M Keeping house GA GA GA
Tanner Gideon BroL W M 58 S GA GA GA
Benton Robert Other W M 21 S Farm Laborer AL GA GA
Wright Georgia Other W F 14 S Servant AL AL AL 
Tanner, Gideon R (P2522)
38 1850 Census - living with Father Gideon Tanner, Butts County, GA
1860 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Butts > Indian Spring
7 June 1860
One house Unoccupied
William H 48 M Farmer GA
Hezekiah L 39 M Trader GA
Gedeon R 37 M Trader GA
1870 Census - living with brother Archabald's family, Butts County, GA 
Tanner, William H (P2519)
39 1850 Census: Living with brother Archabald Tanner's family
1870 U.S. Federal Census > Georgia > Walton > Brantley
8 July 1870 - Page 76
70 Tanner Gideon 52 M W Merchant, Dry Goods GA
1880 U.S. Federal Census > Georgia > Gwinnett > All Townships > District 124
9 June 1880
125 Tanner Gideon W M 62 Farmer GA NC VA
Nancy M W F 56 Wife Keeping House GA SC SC
Robenson Jane W F 18 Cousin Works on farm GA GA GA
Major B M 7 Servant GA GA GA
Judia B F 3 Servant GA GA GA
Davis George B M 23 Servant GA GA GA 
Tanner, Gideon (P2531)
40 1850 DAVIS FRANCIS W. Sumter County GA 161 16th District
4 Sept 1850
239 Davis Francis W 44 M Farmer $1800 GA
Mary 38 F GA
Sarah 15 F FL
Demersis? 11 F GA
Mirantha 1 F GA
Turner 5 M GA
Cassandra 2 F GA
Sampson 4/12 M GA
Neal John A 52 M GA Idiot
Feagin James F 21 M GA Idiot
Dillard Sarah 70 F SC
1860 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Sumter > District 16 > Renwick & Americus
14 June 1860
135 Davis Francis W 55 M Farmer $1200 $693 GA
Mary 48 F GA
Turner L 15 M Student GA
Samson D 10 M GA
Mary F 5 F GA
Birdsong Joseph 15 M farmlabourer GA
1870 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Sumter > Americus
20 June 1870
245 Davis Francis W 64 M W Farmer $1000 $300 GA
Mary F 15 F W Keeps house GA
Sampson D 20 M W Farm Laborer GA
1880 United States Federal Census > Georgia > Sumter > All Townships > District 73
7 June 1880
173 Davis Francis W Self W M 78 Wd GA Eng - Farmer
Sampson D Son W M 30 S GA GA GA Farm laborer
Mary F Dau W F 23 S GA GA GA Keepinghouse
Per Earl C Davis
Event: Land 18 Dec 1835 Jefferson Co, FL
Note: Book C, 42. Darius Williams and John Craig (Darius Willams & Co) sell to Francis W. Davis, Lot No. 3 of sec. 36 in T3, R4, n&e--80 acres for $150.
Event: Land 30 Jan 1837 Jefferson Co, FL
Note: Francis W. Davis sells the land he bought a couple of years ago from Darius Williams, et. al, to William Blackburn for $150. Francis W. can write, his wfe cannot write. Book C, 43.
Event: Slaves & inheritance 23 Nov 1837 Jefferson Co, FL
Note: Francis W. Davis deeded household items, slave Cate and her two children, Jerusha and Martha, to Cyntha and Ann davis.
Note: Conflict on the date on which Francis turns the slaves over to Ann and Cynthia. Deed Book C, 295 says Francis W. Davis sells to Cyntha and Ann Davis for $100 a negro girl Cate, 2 children. July 23, 1838.

Territory of Florida
Jefferson County.
Know all men by these presents that I, Francis W. Davis, one of the parties grantees in the foregoing bill of sale from Samuel Davis, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars to me in hand paid at & before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath given, granted bargained, sold ____ confirmed and conveyed unto Cyntha Davis and Ann Davis, all my right and title in and to the written mentioned negro girl Cate and her two children Jerusa and Martha likewise all my right title and claim to certain household and kitchen furniture consisting of beds and bed clothes, pots, oven and etc.
To have and to hold the same to their own proper use and benefit, and the said Francis W. Davis will forever warrant and defend the right and title of the said property to the said Cyntha and Ann Davis against myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, etc.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 23rd day of November, AD 1837.
Francis W. Davis17

Event: Sells Land 13 Jan 1837 Jefferson Co, FL
Note: Deed Book C, 43-44. Francis W. Davis sells to William Blackburn for $150, Lot #3 of section 36 in Township 3, Range 4, n&e, 80 acres. His wife is Mary Davis, she makes her mark, he signs.

Jan 17, 1848, Francis W. Davis bought from James White, for $250, the south half of lot #26, district 16 in Sumpter, previously Lee Co. 101 and 1/4 acres.

Nov 12, 1855, Francis W. Davis gives to his daughter Sary Ann P. Hammond, wife of Willis Hammond, a tract of land in the 16th district of originally Lee Co, but now Sumpter Co, known and distinquished in the plan of the 16th district by the number 26. Thirty-five acres in the southeast corner. Deed of gift was recorded on April 27, 1858

Sept 17, 1856, Francis W. Davis of Sumpter Co, GA. gives his children--Damaris M., Marintha C., Turner L., Casandria E., Sampson D., and Mary F.--a tract of land in Sumpter Co: district 16, #26. The tract contains 202 1/2 acres, excpting 35 acres in the northeast corner of tract. He also gives them a "certain negro woman named Sary, 45 years of age, of dark complixon and speaks very bad and is ___ five feet high or there abouts." He gives the slave, "together with all my horses that is one large gray mare and one bay horse one yoke of oxens and waggon, one Jersy waggon kitchen furniture." This deed of gift was witnessed by: Edmond Matthews and N. Hammond, JP

In 1858, Jan 20, 1858, James White sells for $250, the land in #26 in 16th district in Sumpter, previously Lee Co, to Sampson Dillard. It is the land lying north of an east-west line through center of lot. It is 101 1/4 acres. Sampson Dillard is probably the father of Mary Dillard.

Another Indenture was made July 6, 1876 between W. W. Hammond and wife, Turner L. Davis, S. D. Davis, and Mary F. Davis, heirs of Damarias M. Davis, Marintha C. Davis, Casand(ra?) E. Davis deceased. They want the land divided in the following manner: "W.W. Hammond in light of his wife shall have for their part the land lying west and north of the land in their possession amounting to one-fourth of said lot. The said T. L. Davis shall have the northeast corner of said lot for his share, S.D. Davis the nwest? corner of said lot for his share, Mary F. Davis the southwest corner of said lot for her share, each amounting to one-fourth of said lot of land." They divided this land "without the necessity of an administration of the estate of the said deceased sisters of D.M, M.C, C.E. Davis. They signed--W.W. Hammonds "and for wife", T. L. Davis, S.D. Davis, and Mary F. Davis made her mark. This indenture was recorded March 3, 1877.

Jan 10, 1880, Turner L. Davis, for $320, sells to Sampson D. davis 50 acres off southeast corner of #26, district 16 (new district).

Davis, Francis W (P408)
41 1850 DIXON HANSEL H. Sumter GA 193 29th District
687 Hansel H. Dixon 28 M Farmer $600 GA

1860 DIXON HANSEL H. Macon GA 092 Farmers Academy
26 July 1860
352 Dixon Hansel H 38 M Farmer $7300 GA
Kizze C 24 F GA
Mary 8 F GA
Alexander 6 M GA
Martha 4 F GA
Joseph 1/12 M GA 
Dixon, Hansel Hackley (P962)
42 1850 HARRISON HEZEKIAH Cobb County GA 229 California Harrison, Hezekiah (P8806)
43 1850 HARRISON JOSEPHUS Cobb County GA 156 Merrietts District Harrison, Josephus (P8811)
44 1850 Jackson County, GA Census
153 Harrison Tilmon 55 M W Farmer 4,000 MD
Hutchens Livingston J. 25 M W Laborer SC
Hutchens Melissa 23 F W GA
Hutchens Rebecca 2 F W GA
Hutchens William 1/12 M W GA 
Harrison, Tilman (P8809)
45 1850 Jackson County, GA Census
162 Harrison Jason C. 36 M W Farmer GA
Sarah A. 27 F W GA
William C. 6 M W GA
Sarah F. 4 F W GA
Tilmon O. 2 M W GA 
Harrison, Jason C. (P8799)
46 1850 Jackson County, GA Census
164 Harrison Joseph F. 26 M W Farmer 3,000 GA
Sophia O. 22 F W GA
William O. 5 M W GA
Mary E. 2 F W GA
Martha L. 2 F W GA 
Harrison, Joseph F (P8798)
47 1850 MC FARLIN JAMES Murray County GA 264 63rd Subdivision
1616 James McFarland 45 M Farmer TN
Elizabeth 38 F NC
Altha C 15 F GA
James C 11 M GA
Isabella 9 F GA
Mary A 8 F GA
Robert A 5 M GA
John K 1 M GA 
McFarland, James M. (P5308)
48 1850 Murray County, GA Census
1636 Harrison William C. 30 M Farmer NC
Ara A 26 F TN
Bolen George 13 M GA
Carter Nancy A 30 F TN
Alheran? 6 F GA
James E 4 M GA
State: AL Year: 1860 County: Morgan
Township: Valhermoso Page: 447
15 June 1860
107 Harrison Wm C 40 M Farmer NC
Araanna 38 F TN
Pain John W 18 M Farm Laborer SC
Davis Frances E 8 F MS
State: GA Year: 1870 County: Whitfield
Township: Dalton Page: 69
9 June 1870
117 Harrison William C 50 M W Farmer $2500 $300 NC
Ara A 48 F W Keeping house TN 
Harrison, William C (P1991)
49 1850 Murray County, GA Census
1639 Jesse Thompson 44 M Farmer $1800 SC
Violet 30 F NC
Arrenia 10 F GA
James P 4 M GA
Lydia S 3 F GA
1880 Census
Mcdonald, Murray County, Georgia
Page 480B 
Thompson, Jesse (P5303)
50 1850 Murray County, GA Census
Page: 261
Roll: M432_78
1860 Georgia Militia District 972, Murray, Georgia Census
Post Office: Rock Creek
Roll: M653_132
Page: 44
Year: 1860 
Gordon, Benson Vincent (P14548)

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