Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA



Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chambers, Luther Herman  05 Jul 1920Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24081
2 Faulkner, Leo  4 Apr 1892Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P25201
3 Savage, Amanda  2 Feb 1895Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24104
4 Savage, Barbara Jean  22 Feb 1924Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24227
5 Savage, Bernice Elvira  07 Nov 1932Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24130
6 Savage, Clora Lou  26 Nov 1899Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24313
7 Savage, Geraldine Rhodes  30 Jul 1924Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24077
8 Savage, Jesse  26 June 1903Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24289
9 Savage, Rada Webit  07 Nov 1929Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24487
10 Savage, Robert Lee  16 Jun 1902Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24306
11 Savage, Sybil Grey  4 Apr 1929Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24151
12 Strayhorn, Edward Eugene  22 Mar 1924Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24394


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Vina Lou  21 Jul 2002Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P25157
2 Baugh, Christine  11 Mar 1993Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P25218
3 Burnett, Harriet Maynellie  28 Sep 1975Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24659
4 Forrester, Eunice  13 Jul 1997Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24971
5 Hallford, Ralph James  09 May 2012Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24156
6 Helton, Bertha Mae  26 Aug 2003Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24619
7 Helton, Connie May  5 Nov 2003Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24657
8 Helton, Joseph Arthur  18 May 1974Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24641
9 Helton, Lucille  16 Apr 2009Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24618
10 Helton, Thomas James  29 Jun 2010Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24751
11 Helton, William  17 May 1972Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24650
12 Hill, Thelma Liza  29 Mar 2002Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24756
13 Hope, Homer Sterns  20 Apr 1983Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24633
14 Humphries, Dollie Mae  28 Mar 1999Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24468
15 Pittman, Nellie  27 Dec 2004Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P25191
16 Ravan, Authur T.  16 Jan 1990Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24780
17 Savage, B D  20 Oct 2015Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24123
18 Savage, Bernice Elvira  19 Oct 2012Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24130
19 Savage, Dee B.  21 May 1978Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24226
20 Savage, Floyd W.  1 March 2013Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P25178
21 Savage, Henry Russell  21 Nov 1986Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24297
22 Savage, Howard Levon  6 Apr 2004Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24677
23 Savage, James Edward  2 Mar 2002Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24132
24 Savage, Mary Lee  06 Apr 2015Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24057
25 Savage, Minnie Nancy Jane  31 Dec 1973Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24347
26 Savage, Robbie  15 May 1973Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24103
27 Savage, Seaborn Dank  04 May 1970Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24331
28 Savage, Talmadge  29 Jan 2005Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24238
29 Savage, Tex Timothy  10 Dec 2002Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24433
30 Stanford, John Thomas  26 Jun 2011Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24640
31 Whitmire, Ella  07 Mar 1988Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24484
32 Wiley, Leonard  17 Nov 1973Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA P24370
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