Macon, Bibb County, GA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Israel, Walter Newit  13 Nov 1923Macon, Bibb County, GA P3045
2 Sinclair, Charles Aurelius  22 Oct 1903Macon, Bibb County, GA P2785
3 Sinclair, Charles Edward  25 Nov 1868Macon, Bibb County, GA P2778
4 Sinclair, Ella  1873Macon, Bibb County, GA P2801
5 Sinclair, Ella Mae  28 Feb 1899Macon, Bibb County, GA P2784
6 Sinclair, Georgia Pearl  27 Sep 1897Macon, Bibb County, GA P2783
7 Sinclair, Maggie  6 Jun 1893Macon, Bibb County, GA P2782
8 Sinclair, Walter Edward  14 Sep 1895Macon, Bibb County, GA P2777


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bickers, Mary Ann Elizabeth  1910Macon, Bibb County, GA P13166
2 Brooks, Daniel H.  16 Oct 1867Macon, Bibb County, GA P2736
3 Carswell, Harriet Janet  28 May 1988Macon, Bibb County, GA P15565
4 Criswell, Rachel M  24 Dec 1973Macon, Bibb County, GA P15562
5 Daugherty, Mary Magalene  19 Oct 1966Macon, Bibb County, GA P2779
6 Daugherty, Maybell  1983Macon, Bibb County, GA P2818
7 Daugherty, Sidney James  18 Sep 1903Macon, Bibb County, GA P2789
8 Haskins, Sarah  1903Macon, Bibb County, GA P2781
9 Israel, Beecha Taylor  9 Sep 1961Macon, Bibb County, GA P10899
10 Israel, George Matthew  12 Nov 1958Macon, Bibb County, GA P3007
11 Israel, George Matthew  23 Sep 1999Macon, Bibb County, GA P3046
12 Israel, Mildred Anita  1 Apr 1992Macon, Bibb County, GA P10898
13 Israel, Nancy  28 Sep 1999Macon, Bibb County, GA P3047
14 Israel, Rosa Harkins  2 Dec 1958Macon, Bibb County, GA P3044
15 Johnson, Mattie Martha  27 Oct 1940Macon, Bibb County, GA P2731
16 McDormet, Sarah A.  ABT. 1871Macon, Bibb County, GA P2800
17 Sinclair, Charles Edward  20 Apr 1922Macon, Bibb County, GA P2778
18 Sinclair, Edward F.  7 Mar 1861Macon, Bibb County, GA P2807
19 Sinclair, Elias A.  Macon, Bibb County, GA P2799
20 Sinclair, Ella  20 Dec 1968Macon, Bibb County, GA P2801
21 Sinclair, Mary  1 Aug 1917Macon, Bibb County, GA P2808
22 Sinclair, Needham  20 Jan 1855Macon, Bibb County, GA P2804
23 Sinclair, Robert D.  23 Apr 1862Macon, Bibb County, GA P2805
24 Sinclair, Walter Edward  5 Jan 1952Macon, Bibb County, GA P2777
25 Ussery, Alice Lee  5 Jun 1952Macon, Bibb County, GA P2774
26 Wynne, Mary Christiana  4 Apr 1923Macon, Bibb County, GA P2776


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baratta / Sinclair  26 Sep 1865Macon, Bibb County, GA F567
2 Helms / Sinclair  20 Dec 1891Macon, Bibb County, GA F563
3 Sinclair / Haskins  3 Jul 1873Macon, Bibb County, GA F562
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