North Carolina, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emily  Abt 1778North Carolina, USA P24444
2 John Franklin Goodson  16 Sep 1811North Carolina, USA P21108
3 Abernathy, Barbara  About 1826North Carolina, USA P19413
4 Abernathy, Daniel  Apr 1818North Carolina, USA P19425
5 Abernathy, Darius  About 1824North Carolina, USA P19424
6 Abernathy, Elihu Richard  02 Sep 1838North Carolina, USA P21002
7 Abernathy, Eliza  About 1841North Carolina, USA P21001
8 Abernathy, Eve  About 1839North Carolina, USA P21105
9 Abernathy, Eve  About 1846North Carolina, USA P21000
10 Abernathy, Isaiah  ca 1810North Carolina, USA P19417
11 Abernathy, Jehu J.  About 1841North Carolina, USA P21104
12 Abernathy, Jeremiah  About 1829North Carolina, USA P19411
13 Abernathy, John Franklin  30 Aug 1843North Carolina, USA P20986
14 Abernathy, Linford  About 1823North Carolina, USA P19414
15 Abernathy, Martha Ann  27 Apr 1834North Carolina, USA P21106
16 Abernathy, Mary  About 1835North Carolina, USA P21003
17 Abernathy, Sarah Elizabeth  15 Apr 1812North Carolina, USA P19416
18 Abrams, John Washington  02 Apr 1830North Carolina, USA P21299
19 Baker, Lorenzo Dowd  Abt 1805North Carolina, USA P24938
20 Bates, Margaret  About 1829North Carolina, USA P21180
21 Beasley, Sarah  1856North Carolina, USA P20761
22 Bradshaw, Elizabeth  03 Oct 1816North Carolina, USA P20988
23 Bradshaw, Mica "Mickey"  About 1825North Carolina, USA P21142
24 Brown, James Fletcher  Dec 1824North Carolina, USA P18275
25 Browning, Wiley  1768North Carolina, USA P19273
26 Cochran, Jacob  Abt 1783North Carolina, USA P24899
27 Coley, Sarah E.  Mar 1828North Carolina, USA P21112
28 Collins, Mary  circa 1810North Carolina, USA P19446
29 Drum, Sarah  circa 1810North Carolina, USA P19430
30 Ellis, Walter  1750North Carolina, USA P7779
31 Ellis, Walter Washington  1812North Carolina, USA P7780
32 Farris, Margaret  Abt 1770North Carolina, USA P19483
33 Furr, Ethel M.  22 Jan 1902North Carolina, USA P20754
34 Gilstrap, James  Apr 1835North Carolina, USA P24235
35 Gilstrap, John W.  17 Sep 1802North Carolina, USA P22157
36 Helton, Andrew J.  Abt 1818North Carolina, USA P24794
37 Helton, Jacob  ca 1806North Carolina, USA P24765
38 Henson, Bernice  14 Aug 1901North Carolina, USA P24848
39 Herndon, Joseph  1762North Carolina, USA P16778
40 Jones, Walter Benton  13 March 1907North Carolina, USA P20770
41 Lovin, James  Abt 1823North Carolina, USA P25363
42 Lowry, Deborah  20 June 1871North Carolina, USA P23433
43 Marquette, Eunice M  7 Apr 1884North Carolina, USA P20569
44 Mathis, Shadrach  1782North Carolina, USA P19766
45 McCrary, Nancy Catherine  16 Jul 1854North Carolina, USA P20195
46 Neal, Sarah Phoebe  ABT. 1780North Carolina, USA P418
47 Poole, Patsy  Abt 1793North Carolina, USA P24898
48 Ravan, John  Abt 1792North Carolina, USA P24789
49 Ricks, Ann D  27 Mar 1850North Carolina, USA P24072
50 Stripling, Elizabeth  1773North Carolina, USA P19218

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Belvin, Abraham  Abt 1817North Carolina, USA P18147
2 Bradshaw, Field  After 16 Jun 1788North Carolina, USA P19433
3 Bradshaw, John  Feb 1859North Carolina, USA P19431
4 Harper, Zephaniah  Aft 13 Mar 1830North Carolina, USA P24944
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