North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Strickland, Solomon  1735North Carolina P19554
2 Pace, Amy  1739North Carolina P19553
3 Harper, Zephaniah  1750North Carolina P24944
4 Culpepper, Christopher  circa 1761North Carolina P17565
5 Johnson, Edmund  Est 1765North Carolina P16547
6 Savage, Zebulon  About 1772North Carolina P24441
7 Grisham, Moses J  1776North Carolina P3735
8 Taylor, Milly  1776North Carolina P15557
9 Johnson, Joseph  26 Nov 1776North Carolina P16546
10 Redden, John  Abt 1787North Carolina P17262
11 Mathis, Sarah  Abt 1789North Carolina P17281
12 Abernathy, Nathan  circa 1790North Carolina P19402
13 Jinright, William  Abt 1800North Carolina P18989
14 Bradshaw, Larken  12 Jul 1801North Carolina P19409
15 Pittman, Susannah  Abt 1804North Carolina P18988
16 Parker, Nancy  circa 1807North Carolina P19408
17 Gilbert, David  Abt 1820North Carolina P18143
18 Gibson, Starling F  3 January 1822North Carolina P16357
19 Israel, Hosana  14 Sep 1825North Carolina P7182
20 Unknown, Mary  8 June 1826North Carolina P16349
21 McLean, Dicy  1827North Carolina P595
22 Cloer, William R  Abt 1832North Carolina P24837
23 Porter, James Allen  3 May 1834North Carolina P16102
24 Teele, Kizzie Ann  1836North Carolina P17672
25 Dixon, Napoleon B  Abt 1847North Carolina P19783
26 Smith, Marcus Simpson  Abt 1848North Carolina P10627
27 Smallwood, Millie Louisa  Mar 1849North Carolina P24424
28 Mary A  1850North Carolina P24882
29 Cowan, Marcella Ann  Abt 1850North Carolina P10626
30 Taylor, Ed. Mcr  Abt 1854North Carolina P7218
31 Taylor, Nancy E.  Abt 1858North Carolina P7220
32 Nicholson, Eleanor  May 1858North Carolina P513
33 Taylor, S. Hanes  Abt 1859North Carolina P7219
34 Gibson, Martha A.  Abt 1862North Carolina P16361
35 Harrison, John Frederick  24 Jul 1862North Carolina P10465
36 Sellers, Marcilla Jane  18 May 1865North Carolina P24868
37 Treadway, Rebecca  10 Jul 1866North Carolina P10466
38 Gibson, Frances  Abt 1867North Carolina P16363
39 Jones, Walter B  Abt 1867North Carolina P20779
40 Smith, Mary E.  Abt 1868North Carolina P16373
41 Gibson, Starling F.  Abt 1869North Carolina P16362
42 Smith, Oma H.  Abt 1871North Carolina P16372
43 Smith, Ella J.  Abt 1873North Carolina P16371
44 Cady, Ovia  Abt 1877North Carolina P10577
45 Smith, Jno. M.  Abt 1879North Carolina P16370
46 Harrison, Jesse Morgan Chester  13 Nov 1879North Carolina P10562
47 Jones, Lillian B  Abt 1880North Carolina P20778
48 Gibson, Winston L  Abt 1883North Carolina P16354
49 Mason, Willie F  May 1883North Carolina P16346
50 Harrison, Ada Mae  Nov 1883North Carolina P10563

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