South Carolina, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Janie Elizabeth Hussey  Abt 1878South Carolina, USA P18282
2 Mary  Abt 1807South Carolina, USA P24595
3 Nancy  Abt 1825South Carolina, USA P17367
4 Nancy  circa 1838South Carolina, USA P19535
5 Sarah Ann  circa 1790South Carolina, USA P18160
6 Arrants, Woodley  21 Aug 1908South Carolina, USA P19978
7 Bateman, Sarah  13 Nov 1894South Carolina, USA P20213
8 Bateman, Thomas A.  10 September 1870South Carolina, USA P20215
9 Belvin, Addie Alice  13 Apr 1862South Carolina, USA P17386
10 Belvin, Celia Postuma  Abt 1856South Carolina, USA P17360
11 Belvin, Eliza McDuffie  1 September 1875South Carolina, USA P17541
12 Belvin, Ethel Carliene  15 Apr 1903South Carolina, USA P20118
13 Belvin, Frances Levina  Abt 1846South Carolina, USA P17364
14 Belvin, James Ladison  Abt 1847South Carolina, USA P17366
15 Belvin, Joseph Wiley  Abt 1843South Carolina, USA P17365
16 Belvin, Martha Elizabeth  1879South Carolina, USA P18280
17 Belvin, Robert Addison  Abt 1847South Carolina, USA P17363
18 Belvin, Thomas Welburn  Abt 1854South Carolina, USA P17361
19 Belvin, William Edward  Abt 1851South Carolina, USA P17362
20 Bishop, Cleveland A.  Mar 1834South Carolina, USA P23136
21 Bobo, Josephine  ca 1857South Carolina, USA P24908
22 Boone, Minnie M  22 May 1879South Carolina, USA P17329
23 Boyd, James D.  3 Mar 1836South Carolina, USA P10379
24 Boykin, Lafayette  Abt 1847South Carolina, USA P25350
25 Branham, William Butler  05 Jul 1900South Carolina, USA P20034
26 Burkett, Elizabeth  18 Aug 1785South Carolina, USA P18324
27 Calcutt, Harry McInnes  17 Jul 1924South Carolina, USA P25351
28 Coleman, Florrie  3 Feb 1901South Carolina, USA P20121
29 Collins, William T.  Mar 1900South Carolina, USA P20894
30 Corbett, Julia  Abt 1852South Carolina, USA P25349
31 Davis, Abner  Abt 1840South Carolina, USA P20139
32 Davis, Grace Lee  21 Feb 1919South Carolina, USA P20737
33 Davis, Thomas Edward  Oct 1849South Carolina, USA P20739
34 Dixon, Billy Boyd  07 Jun 1932South Carolina, USA P17332
35 Durham, Delilah  11 May 1801South Carolina, USA P24628
36 Durham, Martha  19 Aug 1799South Carolina, USA P22158
37 Easler, Robert Morris  09 Feb 1890South Carolina, USA P20224
38 Gilbert, Martha J  1837South Carolina, USA P18811
39 Gilstrap, Bright Nelson  01 Apr 1839South Carolina, USA P24627
40 Gilstrap, John William  03 Apr 1855South Carolina, USA P22112
41 Gilstrap, Peter  ca 1811South Carolina, USA P24596
42 Goodwin, Charles Johnson  05 Sep 1832South Carolina, USA P20510
43 Hackney, Russell A.  8 February 1932South Carolina, USA P20863
44 Hancock, Gladys  1902South Carolina, USA P17317
45 Hancock, Willa  Dec 1889South Carolina, USA P17289
46 Hasty, Arthur Lee  14 Mar 1887South Carolina, USA P17475
47 Hester, Matilda  circa 1813South Carolina, USA P19448
48 Hill, Leola Irene  18 Jul 1881South Carolina, USA P20114
49 Hood, Archibald J. Allen  Abt 1797South Carolina, USA P18052
50 Hood, Catherine  1797South Carolina, USA P18970

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armour, James Elroy  3 June 1981South Carolina, USA P24505
2 Arrants, Bonnie Bell  11 February 1981South Carolina, USA P20750
3 Belvin, Hezekiah Gibson  Bef 20 Oct 1860South Carolina, USA P17344
4 Branham, William Bradshaw  20 March 2008South Carolina, USA P20032
5 Cason, Cannon  Before 21 Jan 1780South Carolina, USA P19310
6 Chewning, Ray Herbert  26 Jun 2001South Carolina, USA P20873
7 Davis, Frances  1921South Carolina, USA P20036
8 Kaminer, Susie Elizabeth  1 March 1985South Carolina, USA P20194
9 Rodgers, Master Willard Jr  9 November 2014South Carolina, USA P17527
10 Scott, Jenelle  24 November 2014South Carolina, USA P17515
11 Torbet, Francis  1829South Carolina, USA P10812
12 Truesdale, John Henry  2 Feb 1858South Carolina, USA P21512


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McCaskill / Davis  12 Dec 1871South Carolina, USA F8506
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